Is Your Relationship With Drinking On The Rocks?

Breaking Up With Booze

Breaking Up With Booze

You’re falling out of love with drinking. You’ve put up with the abuse long enough. You tell yourself it’s over, but before you know what’s happened, you’ve gone right back.

Whether you are just focusing on it a little too much for your comfort, or you want to stop but have been unsuccessful, you can release yourself and enjoy an alcohol free life much easier than you imagine— without AA, without willpower, without a lifetime label of ‘alcoholic’.

Our society has normalized, even glorified drinking culture. We have succumbed to the clever marketing tools used by the alcohol industry. Deploying gorilla sales and marketing techniques that leverage human desire psychology, they create slick booze commercials that are highly skilled at portraying drinking culture as ‘cool’. This is intentional. Our entertainment industry has historically fostered this same image, throughout pop culture and media, and continues to do so. Although, I am hearing whispers that ‘sober is the new cool’.

Once alcohol is consumed, along with depressant effects that slow down your thoughts, speech and movements, you’re delivered a blast of dopamine from your brain’s rewards center (particularly the ventral striatum)  creating a feeling of euphoria. By loading up dopamine levels in your brain, you’re tricked into thinking you feel amazing. This has you going back again and again for the same effect. Unfortunately, you’re simultaneously altering other brain chemicals that are enhancing feelings of depression. You can see how this becomes a vicious cycle of reward seeking, depression, reward seeking. Once tolerance starts happening (dopamine effect is less pronounced at the same level of consumption over time) you are compelled to go back for more and more alcohol, essentially creating an addiction.

Most of us have experienced using alcohol to dampen uncomfortable feelings of stress, loneliness, social anxiety or boredom. No one takes much notice. It is 100% accepted and even expected, we just don’t call it ‘dampening uncomfortable feelings’. We call it being social, relaxing or enjoying the latest vintage, until it gets out of hand. Anything we do repeatedly and without much thought is a habit, and habitual alcohol intake will eventually lead to serious mental and physical health compromises.

Being free from that focus on alcohol is the sweetest nectar you can imagine, and you can enjoy it too. The best high is waking up fresh from an uninterrupted night’s sleep. I want to share that with you.

Freedom starts here:

Warning, reading these two books will change the way you think about alcohol. You may lose the desire to drink, forever.

This Naked Mind: by Annie Grace

Alan Carr’s The Easy Way to Control Alcohol

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