Living On Purpose By Surfing Urges.

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That couple of seconds between your urge and the action taken is gold. That is when you get to decide your future. Do you give in to the urge and stay the same or are you ready to make real changes?

Because ‘you’ can observe and even override these intrusive thoughts, it means you are separate from them. That is your unconscious brain trying to get you to maintain the status quo and expend the least amount of energy.

Often, urges happen when we want to procrastinate or when we want to avoid perceived discomfort. For example, you’re finished checking emails and texting friends, and now it’s time to tackle those taxes. Suddenly, an overwhelming urge to snack comes over you. Or, maybe you’ve had an argument with your partner, a stressful day at work, or your car broke down and now all you can think about is wine o’clock.

Next time you feel an urge to act in a way not in line with your values or goals, get curious. Notice the thoughts behind this urgency. Acknowledging these thoughts without giving in to them is easier once you understand you can, with a bit of practice, weaken them into oblivion.

Coaching helps shine a light on the underlying needs beneath the urges so you can find a more helpful way to meet those needs. In this way you get unstuck and start moving forward toward your goals.


Urge surfing: Meditation for cravings and impulse control

(Dr Pádraic Dunne from The Centre for Positive Psychology)

Guided Meditation for Cravings and Addiction

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